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Will Cleaning Mold Make You Sick?

On June 28th, 2018

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Will Cleaning Mold Make You Sick?

Whether you have simply noticed small black spots accumulating around the bathtub or your home recently suffered a major flooding event, the health hazards of mold are not to be taken lightly. Spotting this problem in your home means that you can be subject to both acute and chronic health effects. Not only is an infestation in itself a danger to one’s health, but also the means by which it can be eliminated often involve serious toxic chemicals that can put your health in jeopardy.

Mold Removal

Though many people wish to and attempt to remove a mold infestation on their own, these individuals often see that the problem keeps coming back despite their efforts. This is why mold removal services exist. These services will carefully assess water damage and spore accumulation, alleviating your stresses to try to remove the problem independently and making sure that it is properly addressed. These services exist with the intention of removing the mold not only from its source, but also they work carefully to measure air quality, eliminate spores, and prevent incidents from recurring, thus protecting the health of homeowners and families.

Symptoms of Exposure

As mentioned previously, the health hazards of spores are serious. Mold is a living organism that lives in cool, damp environments and reproduces by spores. Because of the way an infestation reproduces, the spores contaminate the air of both the affected area in addition to the ventilation system of an entire building or household. If you have noticed unexplained allergy symptoms like a runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy skin, and watery eyes, it is possible that there is an undetected problem in your household. In the long term, exposure to mold spores can cause chronic asthma, respiratory and pulmonary illnesses, putting excess stressors on the body and the immune system. Especially for the immunocompromised, including small children, the elderly, and even pets, mold can cause systemic harm that even medical intervention cannot eliminate unless the source is eliminated.

How to Check for Mold?

Beyond identifying visible spots or patches of black growth in cool, damp areas of your home, the presence of mold can be confirmed through a simple air quality test. Air quality tests determine the origins of higher concentrations of spores and, whether the problem is visible or not, the test can trace the spores to an origin point in your home. If the source is already visible and something you have independently detected, there is no doubt that you have a problem that needs assistance. Please, do not attempt to use bleach, ammonia, or other harmful toxic chemicals on your own for cleaning mold. When not handled properly, these chemicals can have serious side effects on your sinuses, vision, and even skin. Some methods for cleaning mold are even carcinogenic. Do not risk the effects of mishandling abrasive chemicals, as even cleaning supplies can cause damage to your health and make you sick.

As such, whenever the suspicion of mold spores or an infestation exists, ensure you and your family’s health and well-being by confiding in professional removal services. Trust in the experts to handle this problem for you in order to avoid the risk of mold or chemical-induced illness, and to eliminate the problem from its source.

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