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Mold Removal vs Remediation

On July 8th, 2018

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Mold Removal Services Do Not Remedy the Source of the Problem

Removing mold isn't easy, but ensuring that it doesn't come back is an even bigger challenge. This is because the source of mold is often hard to find. Mold may grow in the corner of a house because liquid was spilled there. This kind of mold may still come back if it grows in a wet or humid environment. An example is bathtub mold. It's almost impossible to remove all mold because this fungus grows in any environment that contains a small bit of moisture.

Mold may also grow as a result of rainfall pouring into a crack within a wall or roof. It can be hard to detect the source of a leak. Removing mold in an area that contains a leak is essentially pointless. Many large mold removal companies do this. They clean up the mold, but customers are surprised to find out that it ultimately returns. A simple mold problem can cost far more in service costs because homeowners or landlords are left to repair damage left after the mold is removed. Simply removing mold usually isn't a smart idea.

Mold Remediation Will Protect Your Family's Health and Your Home

There's a big difference between removing mold and remediating it. Take 2 specializes in mold remediation. The process usually requires the work of professionals. An expert will start by repairing the source of the leak. This step is the most important because repeat mold issues will further damage a home. External cosmetic repair costs will add up over time. Take 2 will isolate the contamination and stop the mold from spreading to other areas of the home. Many water-damaged pieces of furniture may need to be removed.

Extensive cleaning is required because microscopic mold spores may eventually sprout up down the road. Materials that were damaged by mold and moisture need to be replaced. Pieces of drywall or wood need to be discarded. Because mold seeps through the surfaces of porous material, industrial-grade sealants can prevent the issue from ever happening again.

Preventing mold is the best way to deal with it, but those who are currently experiencing issues with mold should contact Take 2 for a free quote as soon as possible.

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