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Is Mold Holding Your Home Inspection Fee Hostage?

On April 2nd, 2018

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Mold is one of the least discussed topics during the course of a real estate transaction. This subject only becomes the focal point if discovered during the course of a real estate transaction. Mold testing and remediation problems can hinder a real estate deal. You have to be prepared to address these issues correctly to avoid jeopardizing a home sale. If a problem is detected, you have to act quickly to get the problem resolved or risk losing the sale altogether.

What to Look for in a Restoration Company

When you determine a need for professional mold remediation support, you need to screen prospective vendors prior to bringing them on board. You must vet any professional you hire to be certain that you are getting a qualified consultant to correct and address the mold issue. The professional should be prepared to provide a written report of lab results for any testing performed.

The company should be properly insured. The contractor should be insured professionally. They should be able to provide you with proof of liability and mold remediation coverage information.

You must also inquire about their remediation process. The very next step they should indicate is identifying the source of water intrusion. The next step should be removal of contaminated building materials. HEPA vacuuming is one of the steps taken in mold remediation. This ensures that any residual mold is eliminated.

You should also be able to get written references about any previous work performed. You can follow up with references for feedback and also research any online commentary posted from previous customers.


What to Expect During the Remediation Process

A free inspection and assessment are usually offered as a part of the process. The testing process should reveal the extent of the mold problem. The professional will provide recommendations for resolving the mold problem. Areas affected by mold will be blocked off to prevent mold spores from circulating. Contaminated areas will be covered and then removed from the home. Once the process is complete, there will be some sort of testing confirming the efficacy of the mold treatment.

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