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Life After Water Damage

On April 23rd, 2018

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Given enough time, every homeowner will experience a water leak. The process of cleanup and repair can be inconvenient, even traumatic, but with a little knowledge, you can temper expectations.


Water, Water Everywhere

Leaks can come from a variety of sources including a broken pipe from a faucet, a toilet equipment break, a busted water pipe or a broken water heater. No matter what causes the leak, the result is typically walking into a flooded area of your home. This can be disconcerting, but you can resolve the immediate problem if you can remain calm.

The first thing to do is CUT OFF the water. If the leak is from a particular source, like a faucet or toilet, water can be cut off there. If it can't be cut off at the source, then it should be cut off to the house or at the street.


Insurance Heroes

The next step is to call your insurance company. You also need to ask if you must pick repair and restore professionals from their list. Insurance companies will also pay for you to live elsewhere while repairs are made and some policies even pay for boarding pets.


Professionals at Your Service

Typically, you will deal with two types of companies during this experience: those who are doing the repair and those who are doing the restoration. The restoration company will make notes of damage and decide whether you should move out while repairs and restoration are done.

The repair company will give you an estimate and you may want a couple of estimates to make sure all costs are in line.

If you do need to move out, the restoration company will pack everything in the damaged area, even if it is everything in your home. They will move all of your belongings to a storage facility for the duration of the repairs. There may be some things you don't want to go there, like family pictures or jewelry. Be sure to pack those separately and take them with you.


Removing Mildew and Mold

Repairs of the breakage will be done first, but some things may happen simultaneously. Initially, a restoration company will want remove mildew and mold. That could include large fans and other equipment in your home. They will also pull up wood floors, carpet, damaged walls, and other damages areas.


The Decisions Are Yours

Restoration companies will consult with you about replacing things like floors, carpets, tiles and walls. This is a grand opportunity to renovate your home. You may consider paying a little more than the insurance offers to get exactly what you want. The final choice on product, color and installation is yours.

The whole process could take eight to 10 weeks, but it will leave you with your home in excellent condition and ready for you to go back to your normal life.

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