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First Steps to Take After Water Damages Your Home

On September 12th, 2018

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Water damage is a major issue that plagues millions of homeowners throughout the US each year. When you experience water damage due to a massive storm, sudden flood, or natural disaster, there are a few steps to take to remain safe from harm's way once the inflow of water has stopped.


Safety first! Avoid re-entering your home after a flood or natural disaster. Floodwater is often extremely toxic and contains chemicals, gasoline, oils, and even sewage depending on where the water originated.

Even if the power to your home has been successfully shut off, keep your family members from entering the premises until it is fully inspected. Wear protective masks and wading gear when entering a home with deep water, especially if you are unsure of the toxicity of the water. Open all windows and doorways to maximize ventilation while exploring each room in your home.


We are an advocate for the homeowner and the liaison between you and your insurance company.
Call your homeowner's insurance provider immediately after ensuring the safety of your family. Contact your insurance representative to inquire about your current flood insurance policy to determine the next steps necessary in order to properly file a claim. Document your property's interior and exterior with photos and videos only once the location has been deemed safe to return to.

Cleanup and Drying

Cleaning up flooded areas in a home and surrounding property is essential after a storm or flood has passed. Drying out rooms that have flooded is necessary to avoid the rotting of carpet and other forms of flooring. Keep mold growth from occurring by drying all rooms individually using a wet-dry vacuum and by replacing flooring or tearing out current carpeting. When mold begins to grow in a home after experiencing a heavy flood, it can quickly lead to respiratory issues, breathing trouble, bacterial infections, and in severe cases, neurological disorders. Eliminate all risk of mold spore growth by working together with a professional company that specializes in water damage restoration and mold cleanup.

Restoration and Remodeling

Consider hiring a professional remodeling and restoration company that specializes in water and mold damage. Professional teams that specialize in water damage restoration arrive on-site fully-equipped with proper tools to eliminate mold risk while ridding water from your property more efficiently and in less time. Working together with a restoration and remodeling company is a way to guarantee the elimination of potential mold growth while restoring your home to a healthy and livable environment.

Take2 takes care of both cleanup restoration and the remodeling process, allowing you to resume to everyday life in less time with minimal hassle. With Take2, ensure your home is properly cared for after experiencing water damage to keep your family healthy and safe at all times.

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