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Clean Air and Mold

On September 6th, 2018

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Cleaning your home and its surroundings after experiencing a massive storm, flood, or natural disaster requires deep-cleaning techniques and tools to eliminate safety hazards. Most floodwater is toxic and should be removed completely from a property immediately to minimize the risk of mold growth and toxic chemicals in the air. Understanding the link between clean air and mold is essential before moving back into a home or space that has recently been inundated with water and potential mold.


Mold and Air Quality

Having clean air throughout a home is imperative after experiencing a flood, as mold tends to grow from particles in the air, allowing it to spread onto walls and in dark crevices and spaces. Ensuring clean air quality is possible by opening all windows and doorways while eliminating standing water from rooms in your home as quickly as possible. Dry and clean spaces make it much more difficult for mold spores to begin growing and spreading, as mold prefers cool, damp, and musty environments such as neglected basement areas. Avoid moving back into your home while you are still cleaning and eliminating floodwater to prevent the risk of developing lung issues or breathing problems.


Risks of Mold Exposure

Mold exposure causes both short and long-term effects on the body. Children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems have a much greater risk of developing signs and symptoms associated with mold exposure. Mold quickly becomes toxic and can lead to lung infections, breathing disorders, and in some cases, even neurological disorders and mental illnesses.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Restoration and Remodeling Team

Hiring a professional restoration and remodeling team that specializes in mold remediation and water damage repairs is a way to gain peace of mind while guaranteeing the health and safety of your home's environment. Professionals who work with mold remediation and water damage restoration understand the importance of eliminating mold spores and locating origin zones. Ensure your home is treated with all of the proper tools, chemicals, and solutions before installing new carpet, flooring, or replacing damaged furniture. Avoid the risk of developing an unseen mold problem in your home after a flood by working together with a restoration and remodeling company with a positive and glowing reputation in Boise, ID.


Proper Equipment

Working with professionals who understand mold formation, prevention, and how to eliminate water damage from a property provide valuable insight to homeowners in need of assistance after a storm, natural disaster, or flood. Using the proper tools and equipment such as waterproof vacuums and air scrubbers to eliminate the growth and spread of mold minimizes the risk of developing breathing issues or bacterial infections inside of the home.


Tackling flood head-on with the help of professionals guarantees the highest air quality while minimizing the risk of mold growth and other toxic adverse effects caused by standing water. Hiring a restoration and remodeling company is highly recommended to treat all rooms in your home and surrounding property before resuming to everyday life.

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